Yes! You Can Get the Digital Image Files!

digital image files

Digital Image Files

Perhaps the number one question I receive is….”Can I get the digital image files from my senior portrait session?”. The answer is YES! I do¬†offer the high-resolution digital image files. And….you are free to use them on social media ūüôā

I offer several Collections that include anywhere from your two favorite images for digital files to ALL the files. I even off a Full Digital only Collection. Everyone wants to post their images on social media and share their beautiful senior portraits with family and friends near and far. I want to make that as easy as possible for you!

The¬†Full Digital Only Collection¬†includes a custom USB with your image on it, your 50 favorite images in a¬†4×6 proof print, and the cutest little box to hold everything. I feel that images should be printed so I include those prints so you have something tangible to hold on to. It’s a fun little bonus.

Your digital images also come with a print release meaning that you can choose to have your images printed elsewhere. Please keep in mind that I cannot control the print quality if you choose to use another non-professional printer for your images. Of course I can still fulfill all of your print needs as well. The top two Collections that I offer include the Full Digital Collection plus wall art and an album! That’s something for everyone. Seniors always want the digital to post while moms and grandmas always want prints, wall art, and albums.

If you’d like to see all that I offer for Print & Digital Collections for your Richmond Senior Portraits send an email to and request my online inquiry magazine. It will give you all the information you need! Also you can schedule a time to come into the studio (downtown Richmond on W. Broad) to look at everything in person and talk all about senior portraits. Feel free to call me at 540-848-1812 to set up a convenient time.

If you’d like to see what the gorgeous LUXE Senior Album looks like (included in the LUXE Collection) click HERE. It’s SOOOOO Pretty!!!!!!

Photographers – If you’re wondering where I get these adorable boxes and USBs…it’s Artsy Couture! I’m so in love with them and my clients absolutely go crazy over them. I’m lucky to be one of Artsy’s featured pros this year and I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks Artsy!!!!

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