Shila | Lee Davis High School | Richmond Senior Pictures Signature Magazine

Richmond Senior pictures signature signing magazine amber kay seniors

Shila | Lee Davis High School | Richmond Senior Pictures Signature Magazine

So you’re thinking about your senior portraits but you’re also thinking….”what do I do with all my senior pictures?” There are so many options!! To help give you and idea, today I’m highlighting one of my best selling products – The Senior Pictures Signature Magazine! 90% of my clients buy this and LOVE IT!

The Senior Pictures Signature Magazine is designed with enough blank space around your images to have room for people to write you well wishes for college, or leave you life advice, or just leave you sappy “I love and will miss you” messages. The blank space is black and white and different on every page of the magazine. Perfect for gold, silver, black, or white ink. I suggest heading to Michael’s or another craft store to pick up several archival pens of your color choice.

This is perfect for your graduation party!! And absolutely perfect for you take with you when you leave the house as your keepsake. Think of it as your graduation party magazine!

Featured below is Shila’s Senior Pictures Signature Magazine just as she received it. Shila is a 2019 Graduate of Lee Davis High School!

For more ideas of what to do with your Richmond Senior Pictures-  you can READ HERE about getting those awesome digital files!!! Or you can READ HERE about the LUXE Album ! Oh and by the way you can get the digital files, the LUXE album, and the signature magazine in my top two collections! Winner Winner!!

Call or email today to schedule your Richmond Senior Portrait session! 540-848-1812 or

I can’t wait to get you in front of my camera!

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